About P-D Refractories

The joint-stock company P-D Refractories CZ a.s. (formerly Moravské šamotové a lupkové závody a.s. = Moravian Fireclay and Shale Works, joint-stock company) has been one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of refractory products and raw materials.

The company produces and supplies materials for complete and partial lining of thermal aggregates, above all for coke furnaces, blast furnaces (including wind heaters), glassworks kilns, electrolysers for primary aluminium manufacture etc.

The product portfolio includes fireclay stones, high-clay stones, ganister stones, insulation stones, refractory clays and sharpeners, accumulation magnetite, chimney inserts, refractory mortars, putties and concrete. The company uses up-to-date manufacturing and testing equipment guaranteeing stable high manufacturing standards. Manufacturing in P-D Refractories CZ a.s. complies with ISO 9001 certification. The company also offers supply of modified standards on individual customer request.